Friday, October 26, 2007

Trunk or Treat!!

We had the "Trunk or Treat" tonight at church. The kids had a blast. We went with Richard, Sophia, and Jen. AJ and Julia were Mater and Sally from Cars. I found the costumes on clearence on!!! SUPER exciting find!!! I must say they looked pretty DANG cute. (P.S.-AJ totally says "dang" now and i am pretty sure that Julia does too- i think that is what she is trying to say, it definately sounds like it!! :)

Halloween Cookie Decorating

Wednesday night (our only night home together during the week) we watched the Transformers movie and decorated halloween cookies. AJ was so excited about the movie, it was adorable!!! He, of course, also enjoyed the cookies!!! Julia was all about decorating the cookies!! She got very into the details a few times which was super cute. I don't think that she actually had any cookies but she had plenty of toppings along the way!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GO SOX!!!!!!

So, the whole are is of course THRILLED that the Sox are in the world series, it's impossible not to get swept up in the emotion and excitement of it all. And if the Braves can't win the World Series, I gotta cheer for the Sox!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A cute AJ story

So, it's been a little while since posting (sorry about that) it's just so hectic right now!!!! Here's a cute AJ story.

Tina dropped AJ off with me on Thursday. When it came time for lunch, all he wanted to eat was the left over rice and corn from Wednesday's dinner. I told him he had to eat more than that, so I put some left over home made Mac and Cheese (from Tyler and Michelle's cookbook they gave us when we got married) on his plate and warmed them up. While I was warming up his lunch, he asked if he ate all his lunch if he could he have some chips. I told him only if he finished all his lunch. He gobbled down the rice and corn, but wanted nothing to do with the Mac and cheese. He got up from the table and said he was full. I let him go and play, because I knew that eventually he'd want those chips. He went into our room to watch Bob the Builder and after it was over, he came out of our room and STOMPED into the kitchen saying "BUT I DIDN'T WANT MACORONI AND CHEESE!!!!! He marched right into the kitchen and ate all of his luch!!!! He came running into the living room with an empty plate and asked for those chips. And of course, I was only happy to oblige.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

If you guys think Will Ferrell is funny, you're gonna love this!!!!