Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Easter Miracle!!!

This is it--a new post IS the miracle!!! It's about time, ya think?!?!?!
So this is actually this past Sunday. We didn't go to church ON easter Sunday because it was General Conference. So I put them all in their "easter clothes" a week later! But, I must say...they are pretty DANG cute!!! (and, can i note that we FINALLY have a cute front yard. I LOVE That our daffodils have bloomed and our tulips are getting close!!!)
How FREAKIN' cute are these Kiddo's!!! This is them right before they got to look for their jelly beans that the Easter Bunny hides. They are a little excited!!!
And, after they find their Jelly Beans, they get their baskets...YUM!!!

YAY for Easter. It is so much fun. It was a little sad for AJ because he could hardly eat any of his candy because of his tonsils (or actually his LACK of tonsils!) but the peeps were ok and he has since made up for lost time and has less candy left than his sisters!!!