Saturday, June 20, 2009


ok, after i had already finished this post, i realized that most of these pix were already on here, but, oh well, i figure better some duplicates than nothing at all...and these are in fancy little collages too! :)

Amy has had a TON of hair since she was born. They had it all styled when they brought her to me, but it didn't take long to discover what it was really like...CRAZY!!!
I took these pix after a bath. At first, when it is wet, it looked like it might curl a little and stay down. But, NOPE!!! As it dries it starts to pop up until it is all sticking straight UP into the air! it is pretty funny, but I love it!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SO I am OBVIOUSLY not a very good blogger! I was just looking at a friends blog and saw us on her list that it had been 4 weeks since our last post! I was horrified. i knew it was bad, but come on!!! SO here we go! (note: i am starting this Tuesday at lunchtime!)

Ok...5/18/09 Coming home from the hospital.

Here we all are ready to go. That day was so busy for me. I should be a low-key day, but come on, if you know me, we all know that isn't likely! So we ended up staying at the hospital for a few extra hours because we were waiting for the lactation consultant to come in. I wanted to meet with her one more time before i went home. I don't really know what happened but it took FOREVER. So we finally met with her some time after lunch, finished getting everything rounded up, and headed out.

Amy was so tiny in the carseat. She was quite stylin' I must say! :) She actually had a headband to match the outfit and bracelet exactly, but it was too big-I made it beforehand but obviously had forgotten just how tiny their little heads are at first! AJ and Julia we GITTY to be bringing "baby Amy AND mommy" home.

We left the hospital and headed over to DeAnn's place. Brandon's mom was in a nursing home and had been able to come to the hospital to see Amy be born, but hadn't had a chance to hold her yet. We stayed for a little while and then headed home. Unfortunelaty, our timing sucked and we got stuck in the ridiculous traffic that happens on the road on the way to our house.
But, we made it and once we got home, of course, Murphy had to investigate. I was trying to hold him back enough so he didn't christen her with his slobber, but let him get close enough to feel like he could really sniff her. And Julia had to hold her too. She just can't get a hold of her enough...still!

Because of the traffic, we didn't get home until dinnertime. Our friends, Brian and Heather, had called and offered to come by and bring us dinner. So they (and their 3 kids) got there soon after we got home. So we had a big Subway picnic in our house and they hung out for a while.

It was a good day, but i was TIRED! But it was really good to be home with my WHOLE family again! I can't believe we have 3 kids!

(note: I finished this Thursday after Lunchtime! :) UGG)