Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow! ONE year!!!


I CANNOT believe that my baby is 1. I sound like such an old person talking about how fast the time goes, but it is so true! I know i am TERRIBLE about posting, but, SERIOUSLY, it is her 1st birthday! So i decided to step it up today and just get it done. (Even if the birthday girls is yelling at me while i do it! :)!!!)

So, I dropped Julia off at preschool and decided to have a quick photo shoot with the birthday girl and our tulips. So here she is: TA-DA!!! She is SO dang cute, i can't even stand it!!! :) (OK, so i am a little biased, but it IS true!!!) I love the tongue sticking out-what a Jenson! The fuzzy is
I love the tongue sticking out-what a Jenson!
The fuzzy picture is not a great quality pic, but a perfect representation-she is IN ACTION!
Look at her kneeling-she is SO proud of herself (I can't believe how strong she is!)
I love the cheesy grin!

I am so proud of how well she is walking. Just this week she has made that transition to preferring to walk instead crawl. Although, she does drop to all fours and take off on a mission when necessary!
Of course, Julia had to get in on the photo op this morning, but such a cute picture. I am so excited for my girls that they have a sister. I don't know what i would do without mine!!! And (assuming that Amy survives childhood with Julia as a big sister) i hope they always love each other like they do know...or more!
AJ was at school during these pix-i'll have to get him represented later!