Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, today is our 7th anniversary. Where does the time go? I wanted to take this time to thank my beautiful wife Tina for 7 wonderful years, and I look forward to an eternity more. I am so grateful to her and her support as I try to get my sorry behind out of school. ONLY ONE YEAR LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO SICK!!!!!!

So, i've been sick since Wednesday!!!!!!! I missed my internship on wed and thursday because of it. The doctor thinks it's all part of the same virus that caused the pink eye. This has been the most sick i've been maybe ever. Sore throat, fever, ( although the fever just started on our date, so I'm convinced that Tina gave me the fever. She looked HOT yesterday. As she does everyday, but yesterday Ring-a-ding-ding!!!!.) and It hasn't gotten any better since wednesday. What a poopy way to spend an anniversary, but Tina has been taking care of me.

Yesterday for our anniversary (this illness seems to come and go, I felt good during the day, and crappy at night) we had Jen take the kids. Tina and I went shopping for an outfit for us to wear to Debbie's "EVENT' in June. We then went out to eat at a memphis roadside BBQ!!! It was yummy, but Tina wasn't crazy about it. Jen kept the kids overnight (what a huge help she is!!!!!!) and Tina and I, well we did the best we could with me being sick :) :)

AJ's Field Trip

For AJ's school field trip, we went to the Providence Children's Museum!! The way his school does it is that the parents meet at the museum and siblings get to come. So Julia got to be a big girl-she thought she was pretty hot stuff!! Here are some Picutres--what a cute place!!!

Here they are in the ship room. It shows a ship that settlers would have come to Rhode Island in the late 1800's. AJ was a big fan of steering the ship on the upper deck and sleeping in the top bunk down in the lower deck. Julia, of course wanted to go up and down the ladder and stairs with AJ but I demanded she had minimal assistance(since she tryies to just walk off the ledge!). She thought she was pretty funny when she "went sleepin'" with AJ on the botttom bunk.

Here they are in the favorite room of all!!! This is the water room. They have 2 huge water tables and one smaller one. One had levers that they could make the water pop up in the air and the other had a door and upper and lower area so they could make water falls. AJ played at this table with this other little girl for an hour until I had to drag him away!!
Julia really enjoyed the smaller table where she would put a ball in the top slide and it would roll from one little slide to another down to the bottom. She is starting to say some words and here she is saying "ball"!
Here is AJ in "the dog house" (Hopefully this does not tell his future :) He has been really into pets and animals lately so he loved this one! Julia thought she would climb the ladder up to the cage thing-luckily, for my benifit, she could not figure out how to go more than one rung up!! What a crazy climbin kid!

And here is where we discovered what AJ would look like as a midgit!! :)
We all had a GREAT TIME!!!

Compare the Hair!!

This Picture was taken on August 5th-WOW the girl has hardly any hair but i think she had more then than Krystal did then.

And this one was taken on March 3rd-SO i would say that they have about the same growth rate.

But like i said-at least Krystal doesn't have the MOP:

Now if that isn't the scariest hair...YIKES!!

But at least they are both ADORABLE!!!! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Finally some good news for Dolphin fans!!!!

Maybe Beck can bring the "fish" out of the post marino dark years!!! (they still won't beat the pats though.

Here's an update for this past week!!!

I had an orientation for grad school last wednesday, and I got a sneak peek of what my schedule will be like. I've pretty much been in PANIC mode ever since. I essentially have school starting in June and ending in May. No breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barely one for christmas and spring break!!!!! So, Tina and I are a little stressed, but we know we'll get through it.

AJ and I also just got over Pink Eye. (jers, didn't you mention you just got over that as well?) Anyway that's LOADS of fun!!!! BTW, jers I believe you mentioned Kevin and Kyle getting sick and then AJ and Julia got sick. Then you mentioned you had pink eye then I got pink eye. So, I need you to do me a favor. Could you blog that you woke up and found a million dollars. Even if you didn't. That way I will wake up one day and find that million. Don't worry, we'll split the $, how about a 95-5 split. (I get the 95 of course).

Friday, April 20, 2007

Let us introduce you to our kids

Since you guys have missed so much of our kids, we figured we'd fill you in on some of their likes and dislikes. (We'll illustrate their likes and dislikes with pictures, b/c pictures are always a necessity).

Like his other cousins his age in Utah, AJ love superheros. Here he is on halloween as Batman, and at christmas as superman. (the things near his ears are his "laser vision".

AJ LOVES stuffed animals. This is John his sea lion. He also walks around a lot with his elephant Charlie.

Friday, April 13, 2007

These pictures are from his 4th b-day party. Tina made the rocky road cake, and the other cake was bought by Richard and Fannie. (did I mention he loves cake?)

AJ got a remote control flying superman for christmas. We haven't been able to fly it much due to the winter weather. AJ also likes to stand on Daddy's hands. He in now able to do this without touching my feet!!!! (Which is a good thing because apparantly me feet are so nasty, my wife won't even touch them!!!!)

AJ loves to play air hockey at Chuck-e-cheese with his Daddy. He even has the famous Jenson tounge. (Tina worked wicked hard to get these pictures, they are not posed). AJ also loves to play playstation with his Daddy. Here we are playing the Cars playstation game.

AJ is such a good kid, there is very little he doesn't like. But one thing he really really hates is getting punched in his eye by his Daddy!!!! O.K., just kidding, he actually got an infection in the lining of his eye just after christmas, which made his eye swell shut. Poor guy.

He LOVES his sister, and LOVES to take a bath with her.

Here he is making a snow angel.

Making the only snowman of the year!!!!

Now, here is a little bit about Julia!!!

Julia love M&M's. This picture is of her first one.

Julia loves to give eskimo kisses. We call them noses noses. She is giving Jen eskimo kisses.

Julia doesn't like being strapped in at all. She has to be on the move at all times. Sounds a bit like her mom doesn't it?

Julia loves to make faces!!! She is constanly cracking us up with the faces she makes!!! Here is her 'WOW face, and her fishy face (made after eating cupcakes of course).

Julia dislikes to hear the word NO!!!! These are just a few of the examples of what happens when she hears it. I suppose you could say this is also a Like for her, she likes to throw tantrums!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I just read on Jerms's page that Kev and Kyle have been sick. There must be some sort of cross country bug affecting our little super hero's!!! AJ has a rash, and his eyes are itchy. The Dr. thinks he was bitten by a bug or something. He was given benedryl which makes him tired. (Kind of a bonus when he's being defiant toward Tina!!). We expect him to be feeling better by tomorrow.

Can't wait for July to get here!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

We've had a busy couple of months. The highlight was our Trip to Philly, which was a total blast, even though we were only there for 3 days. We also went to the Mystic aquariam in Conneticut, which was also fun. I am so excited we are doing this. This is a great way to keep in contact with everyone!!!!

Me burning my UTARD rejection letter.
Tina and AJ on the carousel at the Mall
AJ as Mr. Incredible. The drawing was done by Tina, using AJ as a model.

Here are some more pictures of the cutest kids on earth!!!

More Pictures at the aquariam. The one of AJ and Tina are of them touching the "tingrays" as AJ calls them.

These pictures were taken at Mystic Aquarium in Conneticut. The one of AJ is in front of the penguin exhibit. The one of the two kids is just to cute!!!!!

When visiting philly, one has to have their picture taken by the Rocky statue, at the top of the steps to the art museum, and get a cheesesteak. Ya wanna know the secret to a philly cheesesteak? Cheez Whiz.