Sunday, May 18, 2008

CELEBRATION, I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I finally did it, I actually Graduated with a Masters Degree, and here are the pictures to prove it!!!!!!!

Here is the MSW graduating class of 2008 from Bridgewater State College. (Not a bad lookin' bunch I must say!!)

Here is the best lookin' of that bunch, with the prettiest girl at the graduation!!!!

Here I am getting my hood. (It's that stupid thing you wear around your neck. It was such a production.)

Here I am with the prettiest girl at the graduation again, this time with a diploma holder!!!! (I'll get the actual diploma sometime when I'm in Utah. It'll be coming to Mom and Dad's house)

This is my field instructor Karen Fein. She gave me an A in field!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my research professor Spencer Zeiger. I wish you all could meet him, he reminds me so much of Ryan, it's kinda funny!!!!

This is April Connoly, She is one of my fellow graduates.

Here is another one of my fellow graduates, Diane. She loooooooooves Tina's peanut butter cookies!!!!!!April organized a little party for us graduates on Friday Night. Here is that same attractive young woman who seems to be following me around :)

This is me with my research partner Dave Shalit. He was a blast to work with. He really kept me focused and on task.Well, I really can't believe it is all over. I am so grateful for my family in Utah, and here in Mass. who have been such a huge support to me and my family in getting me through these last few years. And especially a huge thank you to my lovely wife Tina. She has had to wear a lot of hats while I was in school: Mom, wife, Early Intervention instructor, Nanny, copy editor, chaefaur, housekeeper, computer agravation solver, the list goes on and on, and I wouldn't have been able to do this with out you. I love you, and am grateful for all you do.

UTAH, HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AJ's card for Kevin

Oh my goodness, I just love AJ. So today Aj has Utah and his cousins on the mind since Brandon left for his visit and interview event. He told his preschool class that "Daddy went on an airlane today and that he didn't drive but he went on the airpane and he went to have an interivew and the interview is going to last 5 days".

So this afternoon he came and wanted to make a card. It started as a father's day card but then after he started to make it he came to me and asked "who is that who has baby Ty?" I said "Jeremy" and he said "no, the kid"..."oh, Kevin?" That was it and he disappeared again. He came to me again a few minutes later and said Mommy, I want to write (saying each word slowly and counting how many words on his fingers, like we do when we do his writing)
"Kevin...I'" How cute is this boy!!!!!

So we went through his little sentance and wrote it on the card he had made. He wants to send it in the mail but i wanted to share with everyone so much that i suggested the brilliant ideas that we could put it on the blog so kevin could see it right away and then we can send it in the mail when it is all done (he has to finish the front).

So Kevin (and Plonnie and Kyle and Jeremy) we are ALL so glad you have Baby Ty and we CAN'T wait to meet him!!! Love You guys!!!