Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kiddie Kandids!!

Well, we got our ususal christmas/birthday pictures in January again (it is just not worth dealing with the insanity before Christmas!!!) I LOVE the way they came out. Aj just loves his little pets so we brought those with us...he was so excited to have a picture with his pets he wanted to hang it in his room. And Julia was so funny. Can you believe how LONG her hair is crazy. I really need to cut it (just a trim)but i'm so sad to cut the curls because it is not looking like it is going to come in curly!!! And the pictures of them together...Is AJ such the little stud muffin big brother, or what and Julia just loves him so much!!! CUTE!!!

Finally...Christmas pictures!

Christmas Eve my parents, my aunt, uncle, and their 2 girls and one of their boy friends, my sister, her husband and their 2 kids all came to our house. It was busy and crowded to have that many people in our little apartment but still fun. Poor BRandon and Richard (My brother-in-law) were both sick and spent most of the night in their beds! :( We did our tradition of having a birthday cake for jesus and singing happy birthday to him. IT is a fun little traditon but we didn't even cut the cake since we had so much junk food!!! That is a Lantz event for you!!

and more...

Christmas morning....In Tina's family growing up santa always left the stockings on the beds after he filled them so that is what he does at our house. AJ was stressed for a few days before christmas because santa was going to come into his room. Luckily, we were able to reassure him and he went to bed GREAT the night before. (He was convinced he had heard sleigh bells and had to hurry to get to sleep) Julia went to bed fine but in the morning we found her stocking on the floor next to her bed. She had pitched it out when she woke up to find a foreign object in her bed...even if it was full of toys!! :)

After stockings were open we got to check out what santa had brought! Aj's reaction was cute and Julia was just loving the whole thing. Aj's big gifts were his patriots helmet and uniforn and his bike. Julia's big things were a baby doll set (stroller, swing, carrier, etc.) and horse thing (se picture, we have no idea what to call it!)

The first present that AJ wanted to open was this little present from Brandon and I (not even a Santa one) he had been holding it and feeling it the night before and i think he knew it was a little animal of some kind!! He went right for it when we said they could go to it!!