Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wow, has it really been 8 years!!! I can't believe it. Thank you so much for 8 wonderful years, and here is to an ETERNITY more! I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Webkinz and writing

I am so proud of AJ and how well he has done learning to write!!! We started doing a journal (like i used to do with my class) back in January and he has improved TONS!!!! (The first one he did on 1-29-08 and the second one he just did today!)
GO AJ!!!

Translation: "Bruschi has a puppy room."

No need for translation!! :) YAY!!

Far more importantly in his world...AJ loves Webkinz. He got one for his birthday, one for Christmas, one for Easter, one for a reward for finishing his first journal and his newest one...just because. (Actually, he and Richard got twin lions and Julia and Sophia got Twin kangaroos so they can have matching friends even when they are far apart!)

So these are the pictures of his newest lion.."Simba" (Richard's is named "Mufasa")

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Cute are They!!!

This just had to be posted, They just love each other so much, I can't even stand it!!!!! :)

AJ...our little Olympian...FINALLY!!!

AJ had his Olympics at school this week. This is the third year that he has done it and at the events for the last 2 years I spent the whole time pushing him (literally) to participate in ANYTHING!!! This event started the same and we were a little concerned. But with many-a-pep-talk from Brandon and I, and some bribery...i mean "incentive" ...of a McDonald's happy meal, he participated in the final 3 events. He ran the hurdles, (This was the stepping stone from refusal to attempt and, therefore, meant that i had to hold his had ALL the way around the track) He threw the Javelin, and he did the final lap race. He even stood on the "podium" (for about 2 seconds) to get his medal!! We were really proud of him. He really pulled himself together and was brave, and pretty fast, i must say!!! :)

This was the happiness that he was feeling after standing on the podium to get the medal! Note the clinging...this was AMAZING progress by this point! :)

And here is the better picture... I swear he is Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde sometimes!

Julia...our olympian wanna-be!

So, after taking what felt like FOREVER to get AJ to participate, "Coach Ed" offered for Julia to run too and before I could really respond she was at the starting line and jumping the gun to run. What a difference between our 2 little personalities!!! The best part was that when everyone came around and stopped at the finish line Julia took a 2ND lap, and probably would have tried for a 3rd, if i hadn't grabbed her!! :) She thought she was pretty hot stuff (as did all of the parents there!) She just cracks us up!!

When we went back to the classroom for the little snack, Julia, of course, had to sit a the table and have her snack too. She didn't even sit next to AJ or even at the same table. She just had to be like the big kids! This all gives me a lot of hope that shipping Julia off to school will go much smoother than it did with AJ!!

Our moving plans have been finalized!!!!!

Tina and I have finally finalized our moving plans. After much discussion, we decided to just make a plan (even if I don't have a job yet) and execute that plan, and everything will work out.

I am flying to Utah on May 7th and I will return the 13th, for job searching and interviewing and swedish pancake eating (hopefully :). Then, Tyler, Jeremy (hopefully) and I will roll out of Massachusetts on the 30th of May and arrive back home in the early morning hours of the 5th. We are so excited to have a plan, and that we are FINALLY returning home!!!!

Can't wait to see all of you!!!!!