Thursday, November 29, 2007

So, heres a quick update on our crazy lives!!!!!!

Life has been so crazy lately, we've barely had time to breath, let alone think about blogging (not that it isn't important, just life gets crazy ya know!!) So here's what's goin on.

Two weeks ago tomorrow (Friday) my favorite client here at the program Jimmy I know I shouldn't have favorites, but what can I say i'm human) died here at the group home. He choked on a PB sandwich. I got in late that day, so I missed the whole thing (thankfully, I'm not sure I could handle another death on my shift), but it really shook me up. It is such a reminder of how fragile life is. I still can't believe he's gone. His sister was away on vacation and we couldn't reach her for 5 days after his death, so the funeral wasn't until yesterday, a week and a half after his death. It was good to be able to remember him, laugh and cry with those who knew him best. I'm getting pretty emotional even writing about this, so onward to other family news.

Tina will not be nannying for the Dennehey's anymore. She found another nanny job and will be doing that 3 days a week, and looking for other jobs the other days of the week. The Dennehey's unstable life (ugly divorce, psycho father) made her decide to look elsewhere. Tomorrow is her last day with them. She's having a mini celebration!!!!!!!

I had evaluations this week where my field instructor (from school) and my field supervisor (internship) met with me to discuss how I am doing. It was really frustrating for me. I felt that my instructor really focused on my anxiety (which is high) but never mentioned how I plow through the anxiety and get the job done. It really opened me up to a lot of self doubt during the past couple of days. Then today, during supervison with my field supervisor (internship) she stated what a good job I do at hiding my anxiety, she had no Idea how anxious I was while at work. She also told me that the othe clinicians are always happy when I am on, and several of them have commented to her that "he's good" :) That comment felt so good, and removed a lot of the self doubt and insecuriteis I was feeling about myself. Then in class, we had a group presentation (two people) and after class, my teacher came up to us and specifically told us what a great job we had done, and how impressed he was with our work!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! (OK, I just about broke my shoulder patting myself on the back, but it's worth it :)

We sure miss you guys, especially during the holiday season. But, at least it will be our last one apart!!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Mom's Day!!!

Ok, this is awesome!!! It sums up my life and just makes me laugh!! ENJOY!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well here they are, the only pictures that we took on Halloween night!! OOPS-i was so busy carrying Julia up and down each set of stairs(she could do it with the HUGE car on her--the costume is so cute that it was all worth it!!!), i didn't have time to think about pictures!!! Weather-wise i don't think it could have been nicer!! But...we wish we could have been there with you--i over heard brandon talking about the Jenson Halloween traditions YUM!!! We had a lot of fun though. We did a few houses with Richard abnd Sophia and then they went to see other family and we did some more around my parents house.

Julia was so cute she would stick her bag out and say "tr-tri-tree" and then stand there, hoping they would give her more. then i would prompt her with "what do you say" and she would say "tay-too" and turn around to go to the next house. She's all business when it comes to candy collecting--that's our girl.

Aj was soooo tired by the end of the night. Jen took all 4 kids to the neighborhood where she nanny's. They do a little parade down the main street every year and then all the kids start trick-or-treating. It is a pretty good walk, so this year jen parked half-way down the "parade route". So AJ had to walk 1/2 of the route and then do the parade and then was trick-or-treating back to the car. But the neighbor hood is full of HUGE houses and also HUGE yards so it is a lot of work. He was so done he was saying he had enough candy...even though Richard, apparently didn't agree and ran ahead with the little girl, payton, to collect more. Then we did the houses around my parents and then we left their house past his bed time. I don't think we were more than 4 houses from my parents before he was asleep!! When we got home, I woke him up to bring him in and told him "we're home" he said "no were not" as he looked around all confused. I reassured him that we were and then he said "how'd we get home this fast?" I just giggled! He is soooo cute-I love that boy!

So... a fun halloween was had by all. And today wasn't too bad with all the sugar-infested children!! :)