Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now that the Jazz season is over, I needed a little humor to make me feel better after the Jazz fell on their faces. This video was just what the doctor ordered.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

A few years ago I couldn't spell graduate, now I are one!!!!!

Well, Commencement is now over, and I have a little more BS (Bachelor of Science of course). Better pictures will shortly follow. I graduated with HONORS!!!!! Those with at least a 3.3 GPA graduated cum laude, and I was one of them. I also have to brag about my last semester. A 4.0!!!!!! so, Michelle isn't the only smart one in the family:).

Anyway, we've had a blast with Mom and Dad here. Last night, AJ spent the night with them in their hotel room. He loves them so much, and Julia is warming up to them as well. We had a great time on the cape, but the highlight (at least for me) was the whale watch. The whales weren't as active as the last one tina and I went on, but just as we were leaving, a whale jumped out of the water!!! Our guide said that only happens on about 10% of outings. It was so cool!!!!
We won't have any pictures of the watch, because our camera got wet, and we couldn't take pictures (our camera stopped working) until after we started to head back. We will post pictures of the rest of our vacation later.

We love you guys!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here are the rest of the pictures from Kiddie Kandids

They did so good!!!! Each of these shots were taken on the FIRST TRY!!!!! How cute are they?

AJ's big day!!!!

Yesterday was a big day for AJ. He has been going to swim class once a week, but remains scared to let go of his teacher and swim. All the kids in the class have a 3 bubble floater thing around their chests. Tina and I have encouraged him to just let go of his teacher just for a second to see what would happen, and he has panicked each time. Yesterday, I told him that we could all go to the park, and he could ride his bike there if he tried to let go of his teacher and swim. This generally backfires and he has a horrible day at school. AJ did FANTASTIC!!!! He let go of his teacher three times and swam to the edge!!!!! We are so proud of him.

Walking to the park was a blast, and AJ was so proud to be riding his bike to the park. While at the park, AJ went up to two kids he didn't know and started playing with them. That is WAY out of character for him. He is such a shy kid, he usually is content to play by himself. He had such a great day!!!!!


I cannot begin to describe how PUMPED I am about the Jazz right now. Derek Fisher, What a STUD!!!!!!!
It's pretty obvious that I am a jinx on the Jazz. The last three trips to the Western Conference finals have come while I was out of the state. Maybe I shouldn't come back......j/k

Friday, May 4, 2007

My last few days at my internship!!!!!!

So, I have to tell everyone about my last few days at my internship. I have been this kids clinician pretty much the whole semester. (he was released to home in January, and was back in custody the next day. ) Anyway when he came back on our unit, I was asked to continue to work with him. He is this kinda wannabe gangster, with a history of gang involvement,but he does have a childlike quality to him. As I was discussing the termination process with my supervisor, she suggested I ask him to give me a grade. I thought that would be a pretty good way to get suggestions for improvement etc...

While in my last session with him, we had been playing cards, and talking about ways to stay out of custody, and also about why I was leaving. When our time was up, I asked him what grade he'd give me. He said he'd give me a seven. I asked him what could I have improved on. He said "you could've been here more". That made me feel so good!!!!!! Maybe I can do this whole social work thing!!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hallelujah!! The boy is GRADUATING!!!

We are sooooooooo excited and proud of brandon. He got his cap and gown the other day and I made him put it in and i started tearing up. What a long road this has been and we have reached such a milestone, Although we have a big year ahead of us. But--Yippee for the first important and BIG step!! And, might I add, he is quite the stud in the cap and gown.

Jr. Olympics 2007

Oh Boy!!! AJ had his olympics at school today (which he keeps forgetting what it is called and calling it the "elastics") He didn't have a great time exactly...actually he was miserable because he did not want to do anything in front of all the parents. He kept crying and running to me and i kept trying to push him back with the other kids or holding his hand while he stood in line. He did throw the "javelin" and run 1 lap of the 4 lap "marathon" at the end. I ,of course, did not get pictures of him participating because i was holding his hand! :)

This was after the first lap (which he did with a smile on his face-whatever!!)
Julia thought she was hot stuff having a donut with the big kids. And once back into his comfort zone, with a little snack in his belly....
Things were miraculously better (but mommy still had a headache! )What a day!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This is where I did my internship.

I hope this works. There was a riot at the building where I did my internship. It happened on the floor above ours. It does show the building where I did my internship though. If you have high speed internet, click on the watch video link. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!