Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Final Countdown!!!!

I get to change my little LESS days!  I had my doctor's appointment this week and we decided that unless Amy comes sooner, he will enduce me a week early!  So if she hasn't come by MAY 6TH she WILL come on May 6th! :) 

It is a little weird to pick our child's birthday, but because 
1. we live so far away from the hospital (45 minutes thru crazy construction zones) and 
2. Brandon works so far away (45 minutes through crazy construction/traffic and in the other direction from the hospital) and 
3. we have to get our other kids somewhere and 
4. Julia was born within 4 hours of my water breaking...
i have been a little worried about making it all work (and making it all work fast enough) whenever "It's time".  Although this may still have to be worked out if she decides may 6th is too far away, (which i would be ok with ) I feel a little better knowing that the insanity of getting to the hospital might be avoided. (Plus having a for sure date that is earlier than planned makes me...and my WHOLE body REALLY happy!!!)

so that is the of today...11 days to go!  WOOHOO!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So here is the Easter Run-down! 

1. First, when the kids wake up (as was tradition in the Lantz household) The kids have to hunt for Jelly beans.  Each kid has to find a specific color and the amount of jelly beans for how old they will turn in this year (AJ-7, Julia-4) So here is the hunt! 

2. Once they find all the jelly beans then they get the baskets the easter bunny brought (that are hidden in a special hiding spots that only the easter bunny and the parents know about!) Here is the happinesss that Easter Candy brings...
3.  Then comes a little while of free reign over the candy until mommy can't stand it and makes them put it away for later! :)  This year Brandon made a YUMMY french toast breakfast for us!   
4. Then, for the REAL meaning of Easter!...We get to go to church and remember why we really have this day!  Of course, we have to get dressed up and i must say, i have some pretty cute looking kids!!! 
5. This year we didn't have a regular Easter event with all the Jenson's like we normally would because Grandma (AKA "Ma-mah") is in the hospital.  So we decided that we would bring some little Easter festivities to her hopsital room.  We brought some eggs with us and the kids waited outside while i hid them.  Then they got to come into her room and have a little egg hunt.  It was cute and "Ba-Pa and Ma-mah" had a good time watching the event!  Here is that event:
6. So it was a little different Easter than we would usually have, but it was a good one.  We got to eat candy, have fun, remember why we REALLY have Easter, and spend time with family...a successful day, i think!