Sunday, July 29, 2007

My BIG Decision!!!

I guess we are making up for this week by having 2 new posts today!

Another thing that has been going on this week that Brandon did not mention was the big decision that i have had to make!

I had a family that i used to work with through my job at EI (Early Intervention) who called and asked be to be thier nanny!!! At first i told her it would probably be a "no" because i LOVE my job and we thought we had a schedule figured out to work. I told her that i would think about it and get back to her. The more i thought about it and talked about it, i realized that i was going to have to take was just too perfect!!! So starting September 1st i will be a full-time nanny for 3-year-old twins (Ryan and Alison) and their older 5-year-old sister (Katherine). I will bring my kids, of course, so Brandon doesn't have to play daddy day care while trying to also balance school, a full-time job, and a 20-hour-a-week internship (I think he is MOST excited!) They live less than 10 minutes from our house and have a nice big house with a fenced-in back yard and a HUGE playroom!!! The mom used to do in-home daycare so she is very understanding and i think will be fun to work with. I will be getting paid more that i am making now (Although, technically i will be working twice as much) but i will be with my kids too. The kindergartener will be in school all day (she got into the pilot full-day kindergarten program) and the twins have preschool 3 afternoons a week so while they are in school, it will just be me and my kids!!

We still have some things to work out but it sounds great!! The SUPER HARD part is saying good-bye to my job and the people there that i have LOVED working with-both my co-wrorkers and the families i have been serving. I am doing better with it now but last week every time i thought about leaving i just cried!!! UGH. I know it is for the better but is hard to change from something that you know you love to try something else that you HOPE you Love!! SO there is my book about what has been distracting me all week!!! :)

Sorry we've been slackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's been a week since our last post, and it has been one crazy week!!!!! First of all, I am hesitant to even write this, since anytime someone posts they are sick someone else also seems to get sick. But, just so I can get some good thoughts out this way, I have strep throat!!!!! It hit me at the worst possible time. I had to miss an all day saturday class (it's my DSM class which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I also had to take friday off which is a double shift for me.

The week was also busy for me schoolwise. I had two 8 page research papers due three days apart!!!! That was fun!!!! Despite the strep I was able to get the second one in and finished on time.

I am starting to feel better, but I just feel drained. The throat isn't as sore, so that is making progress!!!!!

Take care, (and I hope I didn't jinx anyone)


Sunday, July 22, 2007


WE have added RAM to our computer and it is actually not SLOW like it was. We are still on dial up but that is next on the computer to do list!!! WE are SOOO excited!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here are my 8 thing that you might not have known about me!

1. I had purple hair (on purpose!) when i was in high school. (It was just washing out when i had my passport picture taken to go to france so if you look close you can tell!!)

2. I have this weird thing when i go to bed that i have to have one foot out of the covers for a little while.

3. I was at wal-mart with my sister, Jen, right before Easter and she went to look at some flowers while i was looking at something else. She came and found me and when i looked up at her she had something all over her nose, mouth, and chin. Of course my kind response when i saw her was "What is WRONG with you!" We found a mirror so she could laugh at herself and then tried to rub it off which was even funnier because it just smeared. We figured out that she had tried to smell an lily plant and bumped it against herself and got pollen all over. WE WERE HYSTERICAL!!!

4. I currently have my clothes on an extra bookshelf we had because i was sick of the dresser that i had and the drawers that always would stick. I thought ot would just be for a few months till we moved back but it looks like i have another year. (Brandon's response when he saw it was "how white-trach can we be" ) I thought i was being resourceful! :)

5. Since being in college i have not read a novel for my own leisure that was written for aduts. They have all been children's literature..Harry Potter, Bridge to Terebithia and more! ( realize that is pretty sad and i'll have to fix that..after i read this next Harry Potter book! :)

6. When i was little my bed used to be next to the window fan in the summer. I used to get under my covers and leave a little hole where the "wind" would come in and pretend i was homeless.

7. When i was in second grade i decided to go by Tina (which i picked because my mom suggested it and my sisters suggestions-Christie or Chris-were not an option because i was mad at her). Kids used to tell me to turn around and then call me "Tina Turner".

8. In fifth grade i had these fantastic pants that had built in legwarmers. They were attached at the bottom and folded up my leg, so there was a big pocket like thing. My mom used to make a whole bunch of cookies and freeze them in the freezer in the basement. When i was weraing these pants (as often as possible-since they were so cool!) I would sneak down and put cookies in the leg warmer part and sneak them back into my room. I have ALWAYS had a weakness for homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

And a bonus because my sister reminded me of it when i was making my list...
** When i was in middle school or high school a goat died in our basement! ( We were taking care of it for a friend who was out of town because it was sick. We obviously were unsuccessful!)

So there they are...Grover I tag you!!

I thought i would share with you all a moment of enlightenment that i had last night while looking through some pictures!...

Julia is such a monkey ans loves to climb-this we all knew but last night i discovered a possible cause....

Her dad may just be part monkey..... HE, HE, He

Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 things you never wanted to know, but now you do!!!!!

1- I LOVE having my feet tickled and rubbed although Tina HATES to touch my feet), but I HATE anyone getting to close to my toes and specifically my toenails.

2-Like my older brother Tyler, the only woman I have kissed is my wife. However I have been kissed on the cheeks by two other girls. (OK, so three if you count Mom, and four if you count Dad after I'm on my way to hollywood. :)

3-I call this one "fat guys on a little bike". One night after work at Carousel, Brian Mecham and I "borrowed" our co-workers scooter and drove it around the parking lot. She was riding around in John Hullingers new car, and they spotted us and starting "chasing us". Brian panicked and lost control and we crashed into one of the planter boxes, cracking the scooter above the front tire, and doing all sorts of other damage. Mecham and I split the cost to repair it and I was able to keep it from Mom and Dad. He wasn't so lucky however, he had to go a doctor to get his knee drained. He hit his knee so hard on the pavement that he got water on the knee.

4-I once had a dream that I was flying. I dreamt that I woke up in the middle of the night with my blankey and in my footed pajamas, and walked to the back (glass door). I dreamt I opened it up and I just started floating away. I still remember how cool the night air was. As I passed over our backyard fence and into the olson's backyard, Mike Olson noticed I was flying and he grabbed me and brought me back home. In the morning I remember asking Mom and Dad about the incident and they reassured me that I was dreaming. I did not believe them for the longest time. It was the most vivid dream I've ever had.

5-Despite being a pretty good student in college, I am a HUGE procrastinator!!!!! I once waited until the day before my stats final to begin studying for it. I realized that I was clueless about the content of the test and tried to hire a tutor. When I finally found one, he wasn't a stats tutor, and we spent 2.5 hours figuring the stuff out. When I left, I was more confused. Tina finally remembered that her friend from high school (who was at BYU) was a stats major. (that info would've been helpful earlier in the day!!!). After meeting with her for about an hour, I felt really good about the final. I proceeded to take the test, and I FAILED MISERABLY. I failed the course and had to take it over again.

6-I generally am pretty even tempered, but when I lose my temper, generally Jeremy suffers. We all know that I gave Jerms that scar on his nose (that'll teach ya to turn off the tv while I'm watching it :), but I also got so mad at him one time (I don't remember why right now) that I threw the worst thing a person could throw at another person. I hoped that it would hit him and do immense damage, maybe give him another scar on his face. The vicious and deadly item..........................A stick of Butter!!!!!!!

7-I HAVE to read while on the toilet. Thankfully I have a subscription to Sports Illustrated right now, and that takes up most of my pooping time. However if I am somewhere where there is nothing to read, I will read the labels of any of the cleaning products that are under the sink. My favorite label to read is Lysol!!!!

8-While living at our old house (750 south) and before grandma's room was finished I used to go in there and have a little fantasy time. I would put up the nerf basketball hoop and shoot some hoops, pretending to be a great basketball player. I then pretended to get bonked on the head hard enough to knock me out. I would lay on the bed and imagine that I was hearing a song I never heard before. This song was the greatest song ever, and I had to quit being a basketball player, and I had to record this song, and become a rock star!!!! So I quit basketball and recorded the song and became a rock star. The song I was hearing, and that I recorded to become a rock star was "we built this city" by Starship. I would then put in the tape and lipsynced "we built this city" about 5 times before ending the fantasy.

That's my eight things, and I'm glad it's only eight, that way I can still keep some things in the closet!!!!! Now, lets hear from JERMS!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite Delta airlines best efforts to get us back home (sarcasm intended), we made it home safe and sound. Our flight from JFK was on one of theose 37 seaters, with very little (if any) air conditioning. While trying to retrive our luggage, we noticed we had lost a bag, along with about 12 other people on the flight (that's over 25% for you math lovers). So we didn't get home until 8:15. We got the kids to bed at 9:30 and Tina and I fell asleep at 10:30. Poor TIna had to work all day 8-5, But the kids and I didn't wake up until 10:45!!!! (we really wore them out in Utah)I spent most of the day on the phone with Delta, trying to find our bag. It was found and delivered!!!!!

AJ and Julia continue to call Richard ba pah. AJ is able to correct himself, Julia still struggles.

We had a blast!!!!!! Can't wait to be home PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!