Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our little photographer...

Here is a beautiful collage of the photos that end up on our camera after we confiscate it from the Julia-Gulia!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

We Got the Box, Jennie!!!

Our trip to the mail box today was the best one yet.....

Here are some pictures of the big, exciting, event of AJ opening his first package!!! AJ tried to open the box by himself but after the first couple of pulls said"Auntie closed this really good!" So, I helped! :)

We loved it all, AJ was relieved tht his socks were found-not that he ever asked me about them or knew they were missing :) He said "That was a close one" when he saw his socks. He had been asking about the battle ship, so that was exciting. The smartfood was a nice and yummy surprise...and, yes, i am getting cheese on our keyboard right now! :) and Murphy has been eyeing it since AJ pulled it out of the box!

Of course the highlight is the Iron Man mask and shooter thing, Murphy is currently under attack as I type! :)

Oh, Richard, i must say you are quite the photographer, we LOVED the pictures!! ...and you are a pretty good subject too. We had to go back 2 times to see the picture of you with the whip cream on your face.
So thank you, Thank You , THANK YOU!!!!
We Love you and Miss you tons!!!

For those of you reading this who have not yet had the opportunity to see Richard as the whipcream stud, here you go...

Return to Sender?

Do you think it would work?!?! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pioneer Day Primary Activity

First of All ...SORRY that it has been FOREVER since i have blogged. I am going to try to be much better! I know i say that all the time, but we are more settled and i found the cords to put pix onto the computer...i'll TRY!!!
Anyway, today was the pioneer activity at church. They had a parade from the primary president's house up to the park and then played some different games in the field.

We are so proud of how well Aj is doing with his bike-riding. He was so nervous to ride his bike before and he has gotten so much better and so much more confident, he is doing so well!!! :)

AJ is also doing so well getting involved in activities, even with new kids, it is great. He had a lot of fun playing the different games. These were some of his favorites. So cute, or, as Sophia would say, SOOO TOOT!!!

A funny AJ/Kevin Story

OK, so Jers actually told me this story, so Jers if I get any of it wrong, feel free to correct me, but Jen, you'll get a kick out of this (Picture me rubbing my hands together!!!!!)

Apparently AJ, Kevin, and Jeremy were outside playing football ( I was helping Julia do Pee-pee on the potty so I missed out) and Kevin asked Jers who he was and Jers said he was the Cougars, AJ said he was the Patriots, and Kevin said he was the Dolphins. Well, AJ (my little patriot fan) looked over at Kevin and said "the Dolphins, they always lose"!!! (I must say I was proud my son has begun to smack talk!)

Then Kevin went out and topped it. Kevin immediatly replied "Oh yeah, Well the Patriots Cheat!!!

Isn't it great when your kids start to show interest in the things you are most interested in!!

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!