Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aj and I at the BYU game!!!!!

Ok, So obviously it's been awhile since we've blogged, cuz here are the pictures of the BYU game (Now this is the Northern Iowa game, ya know week 1, almost a month ago!!) I'm just so excited about BYU this year (I guess it's just their turn to go undefeated in the regular season, unlike the Pats this year. Hopefully it ends better for them than it did for the Pats last year!!)

Here we are all ready to go. Aj was so excited when I told him it was time to go he hopped up from the computer and ran to the car. He didn't have his hair done or anything, he was just to excited.

AHHHH: Here is the LOVELY Lavell Edwards Stadium, I'll tell ya, it sure was a sight for sore eyes. (Even sitting as far away from the field as we were, It was a gorgeous sight to see!!)

Here is AJ checking out the cheerleaders......Er I mean checking out the action on the field!!!!! (Right next to AJ was our typical BYU co-ed at the BYU game. OHHHH look theres Rob, he's so cute. Theres Tom, what a cutie, Oh my gosh, he's looking at his watch now, what's he doing that for. (Gag me!!!!!!!)

Here we are in our seats, notice the wall that signifies the back of the stadium right behind us!!!

Here we are after the game. What a perfect day. BYU wins, I was at the game with my son, It was extraordinarily hot that day and we didn't really get sunburned.

Friday, September 5, 2008

OK, I've been tagged!!!!!!

My AGE ( In a week) :)

My First name (Ya'll remember Punky Brewster doncha?)

My Middle Name (This is ROBERT the bruce from Braveheart fame)

My Last Name ( I tried really hard to find a more uplifting picture, but you can only search for so long ya know)

My favorite color (do you really need to ask)

My favorite animal

Favorite past time: Again, do we really need to ask (and my most favorite past time is when BYU beats Yewtah).

my favorite food: A nice Porterhouse steak, with corn on the cob and a nice baked potato on the side :)

Favorite Vacation: Pretty much any beach I've been able to go to.

Where i would like to visit: (It never said where on Earth i'd like to visit), I would also like to visit hawaii.

What I'm doing now: Watching Football on my primitive non-HD 21 inch TV screen :)

I give a slacker tag to Tyler, Jeremy and Jen.