Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pictures from the Air Show

The following pictures are from the air show we went to yesterday (saturday). The pictures above came from a game they had. They had a little fishing game and if you caught a "fish"with a W, you won an airplane. Both AJ and Julia won, (with a little help from their Mom). The other picture is of me and Julia in front of one of the Blue Angel planes.

An Air Force fighter plane. These things are so LOUD!!!!!!!! This jet engine fired up, and blew my hair away!!!!!!!!!

This is Uncle Kev standing with Pat Patriot.

more pictures from the air show!!!

This is how AJ coped with the loud noise. A position he was in most of the day!!!!!! Julia found that Tina's hand over her ear, and her other other ear smashed up against Tina helpful in drowning out the noise!!!

The family getting an up close look at a real Air Force Jet, and talking to it's pilot.
The fed ex nascar, and the fed ex plane. (These were taken with you in mind RY).

The highlight of the day, the BLUE ANGELS!!!!!

All 6 angels flying in formation, 2 angels flying inverted!!!!!

Four angels flying in diamond formation, One of the angels landing.

another drawback of being bald!!!!!!!

This is why, when applying sunscreen, one should not forget to put it all over ones face, not just on the bald dome!!!!!!!!! (notice the pasty white dome, and the red line on my forehead) This happened at the air show as well.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Burke O is a Daddy O

Burke is a Daddy!!! Her name is Eliza Sophia. Here is a link to additional info and pictures!!! She was born June 6th, and weighs 8 lbs and was 21 in long.

Congrats Burke.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Julia's big day!!!!

Julia went to nursery for the first time today!!!!!! (Tina and I actually got to listen to the sunday school lesson). The nursery leader said she did really good up until the parents started to come and pick her up. She got a little emotional at that point. But all in all, she did a GREAT JOB!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Now Dad isn't the only one with a tie problem in the bathroom!!!!!

After Debbies wedding, I was having some problems with my bowels. So, while Tina was getting the kids in their PJ's, I rushed inside to use the bathroom. Once in the stall, I whipped my pants down and rushed to the toilet. The relief was amazing!!!!!, I was relieved I had made it. When I started to wipe, I realized that maybe I hadn't made it after all. There seemed to be some poop on my bum, which made me think that I hadn't made it after all. After cleaning myself up, I looked down at the toilet seat and realized that in my rush to get to the toilet, and little poop came out before I got myself positioned completely over the toilet. While cleaning up that mess, a little poop was flung onto the floor. I had my tie swung over my shoulder, and when I reached down to clean the poop off the floor, my tie came rolling down and into the toilet. So Dad, now your not the only one with a tie problem while in the bathroom. At least I don't have to figure out how I did it though :0)!!!!!!

Here are the pictures from Mom and Dad's trip out here


AJ showing us how excited he is for me.

The Proud Parents!!!!!

Little Richard, Mom, and Chuck-E-Cheeses

Little Richard (my nephew, not the singer) insisted on having his picture taken with Ma-Mah. It was really cute.

The day before Mom and Dad left, we went to Chuck-E-Cheeses. We had a blast!!!!

Whale watch, and a cute picture of Julia.

Mom and Dad on the whale watch.
AJ with bayleen. Bayleen is the sifter whales use to sift out their food. They drink tons of water, then push it out of their mouth, and the bayleen filters out the fish. Unfortunatly we didn't get many pictures on the watch. The water was very choppy, and our camera got wet and it froze up on us. We didn't see as many whales as Tina and I did, but we did get to see a whale breach (jump out of the water) as we were leaving. That only happens on 10% of trips our guide told us.

This picture was taken by our little photographer AJ. He took this picture (as well as some rather candid ones of me scratching my butt in my garments) one morning at the condo. He was taking pictures from under the table, and Julia happend to find him under there. How cute is this picture!!!!!!

These are some of the fun places we went to see.

Tina and I on one of the beaches on cape cod. We had to see how cold the water was.
Here is our little fam swinging on swings at the Korean War veterans park.
Mom and Dad at the same beach. (How cute are they?)
Mom and Dad at Nobska lighthouse. We tried to see many different lighthouses, but the maps were dumb and this was the only lighthouse we got to see up close.

These are pictures of AJ getting ready to jump into the pool. We tried to time it better to actually get him in the air, but our camera is a bit slow when it comes to actually taking the pictures.
Here is AJ SWIMMING!!!! After a year of swim classes, AJ finally feel comfortable enough to swim with only the bubbles around his chest. We are SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!!

Did I mention that Julia is FEARLESS!!! She is floating in the water with her brother, and Tina and I aren't holding her. (she does have a floatie bathing suit on however!!)

The kids playing on the playground at the condo.

The kids had so much fun at this little playground across from our condo. Julia is FEARLESS, and climbed this ladder without much backup from her parents.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

These pictures were taken at Debbies wedding yesterday. We will have more pictures later, but these were the cutest that we have!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Here ya go ty!!!!