Sunday, March 29, 2009

Firehouse Field Trip

Julia is in a little preschool/playgroup thing and each month we either have a party or a fieldtrip.  This month was a fieldtrip to the Fire Station down the street.  It was really cute, the kids loved it!  

Here is the little group learning all about the fire truck and all the cool tools in it.  I love the one in the top left where they are all so serious...they are looking at the jaws of life!

And here are my kiddo's checking out the firetruck and with the fireman all suited up.  

It was cool, they had him get all his gear on to show the kids and talked about how it is all to protect him and that it is still a nice man inside and not a scary monster!  They talked about regular fire safety and really focused on not hiding from the firemen!  It was really a good thing for them all to see and know!   

It was a fun little fieldtrip! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tha Jazz Game!

Brandon found some super cheap jazz tickets on stub hub so we could ALL go to the game on St. Patrick's Day!  (I think he was looking for tickets for just him and AJ to go, originally.) We wore green for the day and then all changed into jazz colors/gear for the game!

So we met Brandon at work and had dinner at Taco Amigo.    
We parked at his work and headed over to the trax station.  The kids were all excited to go on the "train".  Here they are-you can just see how happy they are!  SO Cute! 
Due to Brandon's NEED to be in seats for all sporting events well before the event starts, we planned plenty of time and were there really early!  So we got to go check out the statue of Stockton and Malone (and have a little photo shoot) outside the arena.  AJ and Julia got to compare thier hands to Karl Malones's hand prints...WOW!! 
So we had some time before the game started, but the kids did GREAT!  They both really watched the game and loved the whole atmosphere and event.  Seeing the Jazz bear (although he was pretty small from where we were sitting) was a highlight!

Around Half-time (which happened to fall right around their usual bedtime) they started to get a little antsy!  Luckily, i came prepared with some push-pops and that saved the day.  You would think that my children never got candy-they were so excited to have these things!  Julia was so funny.  She wanted me to hold her like "Baby Julia" and feed her with the push-pop like a bottle. Of course AJ thought this would be fun for hm too...i looked QUITE ridiculous with then on my pregger-belly lap feeding them push-pops!  HAHA hey-whatever keeps them entertained-right?!?!

Oh-and Julia's grumpy face...i don't even remember what that was about but it was so funny, i had to include it!  I'm pretty sure it was just plain old attitude!

So that was our St. Patty's day Jazz event!  It was super fun.  The kids had a blast and it was so fun to watch them soak in and enjoy the whole event!  Yeah for stub hub!  :) 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family scripture study!

"Our Savior and Our Lemur"...

Ok, so for the background. We were doing family scripture study this morning. We have been having AJ read some simple versus here and there. Of course, whatever AJ does, Julia MUST also do. So i whisper the words to her so she can "read" a verse.

So this morning, Julia was "reading " a scripture that was talking about christ and ended with "savior and redeemer" Julia repeated it as "Savior and Lemur" HAHA it was really cute. But word lemur is more familiar to her than "Redeemer"-gotta love how those little brains work!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Krispy Kreme

FIRST OF ALL...We are SO excited to have our new camera and are finally getting a post up with some pix!

So, we were on our way home tonight and drove by Krispy Kreme and i happened to notice they were serving HOT donuts!!! YUM!!! of course i barely had to mention it to Brandon and he was we stopped to get some. The kids thought it was SO COOL to watch them cook the donuts, and we just had fun watching them. Here are a couple of pix! (I had the new camera with me...i have to get back into the habit!)

I had to snap a few pics in the car as we enjoyed the yumminess that is FRESH krispy kreme donuts...Of course the kids wanted the ones with sprinkles instead of the fresh ones (they just don't appreciate greatness, i suppose!) but AJ is such a goofball when i take pictures these days! it still cracks me up just to look at how psycho he can look! but hey, at least he's happy...right?!?! And Julia's eyes are SO big, it is crazy!