Sunday, December 30, 2007

16-0!!!! What a great season!!!, Now hopefully they can win 3 more to make that accomplishment even more meaningful!!!!!! GO PATS!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to AJ and Julia!!

So we did a family birthday party for AJ and Julia today. (we were going to just do Julia so they didn't have to share, but AJ is still going to have a "friends party" that will be a transformers party. We figured it would be easier (and cheaper) to just combine them and since this meant he could get some presents early, he was all over it!!

AJ got to pick a cake with strict instuction that it had to be one that Julia would like Shrek it was!! -It was a cute cake and AJ did great blowing out candles. Julia did pretty good but resorted to a raspberry to get the second candle out (with a little help from jen--i'm not sure if it was the wind from jen or the spit from julia that actually did the trick!!)

They had a great time opening presents. Julia got a doll house from us with a bunch of furniture and stuff. WE also gave he a big stuffed Dumbo with the Dumbo movie. My parents gave her doll house people and my sister gave her a Dora color wonder coloring set. With "BA-pa and Mah-ma's money i got her a magnadoodle and an aquadoodle, which she loved and was extra happy that the aquadoodle was elmo! With my grandma's money i got her this cute flapping ears Eeyore thing that sings "do your ears hang low" -so cute and an elmo book with a little stuffed elmo. --She has suddenly gotten into the elmo thing-sophia was influetial on that one! :)

AJ got one of his presents from us-the Fox and the Hound movies with a stuffed hound that happened to be a webkinz-he was ECSTATIC!!! HE will get his other present from us at his "transformers party"-that was part of the early birthday party deal!! My sister gave him a Diego color wonder set like Julia's and my parents gave him an awesome hotwheels carrier case that holds 100 to grow!! :) With "ba-pa and Mah-ma's money i got him a leap pad and some games for it. and with my GRandma's money i got him this cute animal carrier vet thing with little cages for the little pets. It is super cute and he LOVED it. HE has been so into the little animals and pets and carrying them around and naming them and everything so this was perfect. It is next to his bed right now with "carrot" the parrot, "buddy" the dog, and "tuna" the cat that came with it and 3 other animals that he already had-"cocoa chocolate Jenson" the dog, "Brownie" the dog (that he got when grover and Deann were here this summer)and "stripes" (I think) the tiger...HOLY COW he is soooooo cute!! I just love it!

IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN and the kids were just sooo cute!!!


Yikes...I am so sorry that we have pretty much disappeared from the blogging world. Things have just been crazy but here i am to catch up with things so here goes...

Thanksgiving was fun, we went to my parents, it was pretty small since Jen and her family spent most of the day with Richards family (because his cousin, Adam, was back from afganistan on leave). i did get a few pictures of the girls-they just LOVE each other--it is sooooo cute!!!

Julia is in to "upside down" thing lately. She will hold her dolls, stuffed animals, even books upside down and sing "ap-a-down down, up-a-down" so as we were getting ready to leave on thanksgiving, i caught her hanging from the door nob singing "ap-a-down, down, up-a-down" She CRACKS US UP!!!

CUTE STORY... Julia is also very much into getting herself dressed and undressed lately. It is cute that she wants to be independent but when it takes a half-hour to get her dressed because she keeps yelling "MINE" and ripping the clothes out of my hands, OR she grunts at me when i pull the shirt out a little so it actually goes over her head, it gets quite frustrating!!!

ANYWAY, so she is also dressing and undressing her dolls..mostly undressing!! The other day she tells me "pee-pee" as she is taking the pants off of this little doll and then she wanders into the hall near the bathroom. I go to check it out, expecting the baby to be swimming in the toilet, and found this!

SO i finally did it... i have been wanting to hack my hair off and donate it to locks of love FOREVER. because of our crazy schedule and my useless brain (i kept forgetting to find a salon/make an appointment) It has taken a while. So i decided during this week that i would finally do it. I cut off 11 inches and was able to go to a salon where they cut it, send the hair, and give me a style for FREE!! I just gave her a little tip and i was set!! So here is before and after...