Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

SO, again, better late than never!!!

For New Years Eve, we went down to Tyler and Michelle's house to ring in the New Year! Melynda (Michelle's Sister) came too which we were really excited about...we haven't seen her in FOREVER!!! It was a BLAST!! (pun intended!)

We had a super yummy dinner and played games, the kids played tons until it was time for FIREWORKS!!!

First, we had to get bundled up! We weren't really prepared for the event, so Aaron and Krystal let AJ and Julia borrow some warmth! Thanks Guys! (look at Julia's hand...the gloves were a "smidge" :) too big!-but hey they worked!!!)

Then, we had to get all situated for the show! We were quite the crew huh?!?!

I HAVE to comment on the expressions on my kids faces!!! Brandon just happened to catch this pic of AJ at the exact time that one of the fireworks started to make some loud noise...haha!! (It was a DRASTIC improvement from the fourth of July to have our kids within 20 feet of the fireworks.)
And Julia...look at that face is she focused or what-i think her eyes almost popped out of her head!!!!

Then, the show!!!

Tyler did a great job! Michelle had these cute little bags makde up for everyone with sparklers, glow sticks, treats, and noise makers! SO CUTE!!!

And MIRACLE OF MIRACLES: MY KIDS actually held the sparklers...what progress!!!

So after the show, we came in and warmed up. We parked the kids in front of a movie and continued the game marathon! At midnight we watched the ball drop and celebrated with good ole' Martinelli's (Mormon Champagne!!).

Thanks for a great night! I hope this year is as fun as the start of it!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Temple Square (last month-haha!)

Ok so these are more than a month late, but they were so cute and we had so much fun, that i decided to post them anyway! On Jeremy's Birthday, our little fam went with their little fam to see the lights on Temple Square in Salt Lake. It was beautiful! The kids loved it!

It was QUITE chilly but the kids were troopers and we were able to get some cute pix! AJ was pretty proud of his shoulder ride, and of course whatever AJ does, Julia must do also!
These pix of Brandon and the kids were taken inside the visitors center around the big statue of Christ. Julia 's face just makes me laugh and the one of all 3 of them is so cute because they are just looking up into Christ's face!
OK, and how CUTE is the pic of Plonnie and Ty! Holy Cow, he is such a cutie!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

YEAH for cute kids and good photographers!

We did our christmas/birthday pictures as we usually do...in the beginning of january (while just pretending it is still december! :) We went to Kiddie Kandids because we have finally accepted that fact that, although they are a little bit more expensive, it is worth it!! (and it helps that we get 2 free 8X10's-1 for each kid's birthday!) The kids did SUCH a good job. I think this is the FIRST time EVER that we did not have a crier or attitude to deal with!!! They just stood/sat up there, did what the girl said and ta-dah...how cute are they!!!

Just for the record...we don't love Julia more, we just didn't do AJ's "birthday" pix like we have in the past because he had school pictures this year!
Julia was LOVING doing the girly thing. She was doing all the right poses and thought whe was pretty hot stuff. I love that her little attitude still shines through...
Look at that face! I see trouble!!! haha!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy December Birthdays!!!

WOW! Do we have a busy month!!! (Which is why these are all getting posted now!) This year we had a party for each of the kids (seperately!)

December 11, 2008

We had her Dora party on the morning of her birthday. She had a couple of the neighborhood kids and her cousins come. We played pin the tail on swiper, went on a Dora scavenger hunt, and played a backpack and map game. It was really fun!!! We ate Diego cupcakes too YUM!!! Baby cousin Ty was a BIG fan of the frosting!!!!
The party was so much fun that it totally wore Julia out! She fell asleep that afternoon and, when Daddy got home, we tried to wake her up. I don't think it would have happened for any other reason except to open presents!!! We had dinner and then had a little family party with a Dora Cake. YUM!!!

December 20, 2008
The morning of AJ's Birthday, we gave him the presents from us. He got a hotwheels "Trick tracks", a football with a tee, and the Kung Fu Panda movie. Hurray for Presents!!

We had AJ's Puppy party the afternoon of his birthday. We didn't have as many guests as we had hoped or expected, but we still had a lot of fun! I think a highlight was playing "Doggy trainer says". Daddy was the doggy trainer and had the "puppies" beg, sit, roll over, and chase their tails HAHAHA!!! We also played pin the bone in the Doggy's mouth, hunted for paw prints, and ate cupcakes with Bones on them! FUN!!!
That night was the BYU bowl game. (no further comment!!!) We went to the Jenson's for that and at half time we had AJ's bone and Puppy cake! It was good, but i think we were pretty "caked out" at that point! :)

PHEW!!! We made it. They both had fun birthdays and that was the goal. Mommy was a bit EXHAUSTED, but will recover and it is ALL worth it for these faces!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas...FINALLY

So here are some pix from Christmas morning! We had a great day. The kids did pretty good as far as wake-up time...Julia woke up first (no surprise) around 8:00 and AJ soon followed. Santa leaves our stockings on our beds so we can check them out first. Santa was SO silly this year and put the wrong stockings on the wrong beds...HELLO SANTA!!! I think he was a little sleep deprived when he got to our house this year! :) But we got everything straightened out and we were good to go!

SO....Stockings first!!!

THEN...we get to go check out what Santa brought!!!
How 'bout these action photos of the kids' first look at the tree and ALL the gifts!!!


Poor Murphy had to wait till all our presents were open before we remembered to let him check out his stocking...it was worth the wait! I love his WHOLE face in the stocking trying to get the goods!

I love this one of Julia with her baby...Note AJ in the background, that just cracks me up!

Our big gift from Santa to the WHOLE family was the Wii...we have all loved it and I love it because it is something that we can all do together!!!