Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A little laugh therapy to help us get over the loss to the Yewts!!!!!

Did you hear that Max Hall wasn't allowed to pass the sacrament in Church on Sunday. The bishop was afraid that he'd get intercepted.

The teacher tried to give me a Hall pass, but it was intercepted.

Did you hear that BYU has officially filed a protest with the NCAA regarding the Utes cheating during the BYU game. They were playing with 12 men on the field!!!

Anyway, I hope we can all get a little chuckle and move on with our lives, and begin counting down the REMATCH in less than 365 days when we can POUND THE YEWTS!!!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Our halloween festivities started on Wednesday when we had a halloween party with Julia's preschool group. So, off i went with my little cute are they! At the party we played a wrap the mummy game-Julia opted out so Aj was up-he did great!

They also had a pinata which was fun. AJ felt like quite the stud that he was the oldest boy there-he definately helped to finish it off! :)

Then Friday came...We had a blast at AJ's school-so much fun that i didn't really have a chance to take any pix! I organized and ran AJ's class party and thought i was tired when it was done...until the halloween parade around the school. They went in and out of the different classes and Aj's class was the last class and kept getting distracted and split up. I was at the end of the class trying to keep everyone in line and moving-THAT was a workout! So by the time we cleaned up the classroom and got home, i was ready to sit for a few minutes before we had to get ready to Trick or Treat...BUT, Julia decided that her costume was "too itchy" and she didn't want to put it on, so my "sit and do nothing time" turned into "Julia's costume plan B prep". WE tried on EVERY costume in her dress up box and decided on snow white because it was the least "itchy"
SO..... FINALLY we were ready to trick or treat! We went around our neighborhood and the kids got a TON of candy just in our little neighborhood!

After we hit all the townhomes, we headed out to Orem to to the Jenson Halloween event! How cute is "Ba-Pa's" face when he saw the kids at the door! :)

Here is our little family in our costumes!

So after eating chili and decorating some cookies, all the cousins headed out to trick or treat around the neighborhood...How cute are these kids! (Kyle was so proud of his "la-la" costume)

And Julia was killing me- she kept right up with Aj and the boys-she was running from one house to the next and yelling "happy halloween" or "i'm ready to go" while she ran! -she has a BLAST!

Here are the boys..Ryan wasn't there so the Mask made up the fourth spot in the usual "brother" picture! :)

Halloween was such a fun day.....
...and then on Saturday we had a party at church. They had a chili cook-off, a cake walk, decorating cookies, and OBVIOUSLY, face paiting. AJ was so patient and sat to get his face painted the way he requested-VENOM! Not to bad!

So What a week!! It was fun and tiring but all in all a GREAT week!!! and now we will be working on the candy for a while! :)