Sunday, August 31, 2008

My picture survey

Well, here goes-my "picture tag"

My age

My first name

My middle name

my last name

My favorite color

I couldn't decide...

My favorite animal

I don't really have a favorite, but i think big cats are amazing!

Favorite past time

I REALLY need to scrapbook more!!!

what am i doing now...multi-tasking

my favorite food, my mom's lasagna is the best of course! ...and no meal is complete without dessert!!!

Favorite Vacation, any beach...I would LOVE to spend a week in a beach house on Cape Cod with a private beach!!!

Where i would like to visit..I would LOVE to go on an African Safari and see all these amazing animals in the cool would that be!!!


AN JEN, I tag you too!!! :)


Funny story that i REALLY wish we had the camera for, but didn't...

The other night, AJ was sitting on the livingroom floor playing playstation. I look in just at Julia walks up behind him, buts both hands on his head and says... "Hev-ly fa-der, help AJ feel bedda.." and then starts randomly saying phrases and then "name Jesus christ, AMEN." Holy Cow, Brandon and I were dying!!! The best part was that AJ just kept playing until she was done, like it was a normal event, and just as she finished they both realized we were watching and AJ says "She doesn't have the priesthood! It was so CUTE!!! I just LOVE kids!!! :)

AJ's FiRsT DaY!!!!

WEll, it happened, and we are all alive to tell about it! AJ started Kindergarten today and he did SOOO good. We were a little worried about how it would all go, given his history in preschool and church classes:), but he did GREAT! (i held it together and only shed a few tears after we were at the car!) So we started the day with a special first day breakfast. We made chocolate chip pancake guys for the kids and had a yummy breakfast.

Then we all got ready and off we went. AJ was so excited all morning. After breakfast he kept asking if we were going soon! So here are all the pictures of going to kindergarten...every step of the way (at least i realize i am ridiculous! :)

Here is Aj as we left the house.

Here is AJ in the car (I LOVE this picture-it really captures the excitement-with-a-little-nervouseness-thing that he had going on!)

Here is AJ in front of his school (They really have been working hard to get the school done. If you look close you can see the construction stuff-the fencing, the wheel barrow and the ladder thing!)

Here is AJ waiting in front of his classroom door, where he will go in everyday.

Here is AJ with Julia in front of the school. (Of course, Julia had to wear her backback and wanted to be in every picture. She just thinks she is so big!)

Here is AJ in front of his cubby. (DO you love the glowing spikes look, he, he)

And here is AJ sitting at a table right before we left! OK, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! NO TEARS!!! Look how chill he is just sitting like he is such a pro at just saying good-bye and starting something new!! I LOVE IT!!! Ok, this is where the story just gets funny!! We are walking back to the van and i look up at the van to find this...note the drivers side door (where BRANDON got Julia out of the car!)

YEP. Brandon was so focused on AJ going to school that he forgot the close the door of our NEW van! Oh well, all was well!

So there is the full play-by-play of AJ going to school on the first day. I am sooo proud of him for being so brave and doing so well! If his preschool teachers could see him now!!! (I guess all those days of just pushing him into preschool and running have paid off! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ok, so i have obviously been really bad about blogging. I keep planning to do better and then i get to the computer and by the time I have checked e-mail, looked for jobs, checked banking stuff, and made any phone calls i needed to along the way, i have no time left and AJ is bugging me for his turn on the computer. So i need to make it more of a priority, but for now, i will catch up on what i should've been blogging all along! I made a bunch of collages to get as many pix in as possible!
Ok, the 4th of July...yes, i know that was over a month ago but it was super fun and i got some great pictures so here they are...

The kids were playing out side on the hill (Love the action shot of Julia) when the sprinklers came on. Plonnie had the GREAT idea of playing red rover in the sprinklers. Good times!

While that was happening Brandon and crew were getting the fire going to make s'mores..they were YUMMY!!! Luckily we were mostly done when the sprinklers turned on right next to the fire and pretty much made it impossible to roast any more marshmallows.

Later we headed outside for fireworks. Brandon ran the show again (he really was quite the piro that night!) Our kids were scared of them and AJ cowered in the back and Julia used the very effective coping mechanism of falling asleep!

These are just some fun cousins pictures. We went down to hang out one night. I ran out to do some errands and when i got back this is how i found AJ and Kevin-note the painted nails!! :)

The one of Julia and Kyle just make me laugh. Julia is such a spaz and Kyle is just going along with it...kinda funny. They really have started to get along so much better. Kyle still calls her AJ but my favorite part is that Julia just responds to it like he is calling her name! :)

And that close-up of Kyle's little grin was to cute not to include it!!!

So here is one round of catching up done...i'll keep working on it!


These are pictures from one day when we were playing outside and a fun UTah summer shower came. We decided it would be more fun to play in the rain then to go inside...we were right!!!

So, on pioneer day the Jenson crew gathered for lots of fun. We really always have fun no matter where we go or what we do. So we started at the Scera pool. we just hung out in the pool and stayed cool. Some highlights were when Brandon and AJ and then Jeremy and Kevin wentdown the slides. The boys were pretty proud of themselves and i was pretty proud of the dads for risking the embarresment of possible getting stuck on the way down. Brandon was pleasently surprised that he didn't have a problem...Jeremy-not so much!! (I think i might have broken into a very tyler-like "he-he-he" session in the other pool watching!!! :D) another highlight was the cone things that filled up with water and then fell into the pool. That is what kevin is waiting for in the picture that looks like he is just hugging a pole!

AJ got a lot of practice going underwater and holding his breath. He also swam under water WITHOUT his bubble on. WOW that kid has come a long way! If Ms. Susan (his swim teacher) could see him now!!!

After the pool , we headed over to the park and met up with Tyler and Michelle and crew,who didn't go to the pool :(, and had a picnic. After we all ate, thanks to jeremy-OF COURSE, we somehow ended up doing leg was pretty entertaining but when all was said and done Jeremy's undefeated!!!

Then back to the Jenson's for the fireworks show. Brandon and Tyler did a great job and, although my kids started by watching through the back window of the parked car, they did finally work up the courage of watching it with the rest of us! :)

SO there is round two of catching up.....see-we really are having all sorts of fun, we just haven't been documenting!

Our crazy girl!!

One last collage for today!

These are just a bunch of pictures of our little Ham the Julia-Gulia. AJ almost always moans when i bust out the camera and Julia-shock if all shocks-yells CHEEEEESE! The really goofy pictures (especially the top middle) very closely resemble the faces she has been making for Sophia and my parents on the phone lately...she doen't quite get the concept that they can only HEAR her! it is pretty funny!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Praying Mantis-we think!!

How cool is this. Today, we were outside.... Aj had just finished practicing riding without training wheels-by the way....anyway, we were sitting on the steps and AJ says, "Mommy is that a praying mantis," I automatically said, "Probably not" until he pointed it out, and sure enough, I think he spotted a Praying Mantis.

I took a ton of pix trying to get one to focus on it instead of all the leaves, but we got a couple of good ones. So we went inside and got the book that Aj knew it was in and compared. As far as we can tell, it is...its just lighter than the one in the picture!