Monday, February 25, 2008

Amazing Grace

So, We watched the most amazing movie last night, called Amazing Grace. It is a true story based on the man who wrote the song. He was a captain of a slave ship for 20 years, repented and became a christian monk. He was a pastor to a boy named Willim Wilberforce, who became the most influential abolishinest in England, and was the primary force in abolishing the slave trade throughout England. It's a really good movie.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jenson Look-alike Meter

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Jenson Look-alike Meter

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Funny Story: AJ's family tree confusion!

So i was having one of our MANY conversations with AJ about life (he has just been a non-stop chatter box these days) He had made some comment about Julia and how much he loved her. There was a pause, and then he says "I can't marry Julia, HUH?" and i said "No, because she is your sister...but she will always be your sister...and Brothers and sisters don't get married cause they can only be brothers and sisters (Something like that, but i figured i had made my point.)
So there is another pause and then he says, "But i could marry Sophia!" (I almost died, but i toatlly held it together)... SO i said, "no probably not because she is your cousin and (laughing to my self..he, he, he) "Cousins usually don't get married!"...i couldn't resist--i added, under my breath, "but it has been known to happen."

SO a few minutes later he asks me, did you know daddy when you were little. and i told her that we didn't because we met when we were grown ups..

OF COURSE, during this whole conversation i am just thinking "don't ask about grammie and grampie, PLEASE don't ask about grammie and grampie!!!"

I think the best part was how hard my parents laughed when i told them the story!

Hopefully we cleared things up so that he doesn't want to follow in his "grammie and grampie's" foot steps some day!!


Funny story: Julia and "Fee-Fee"


Ok, Julia is just talking up a storm!!!

Today we realized that even though she is talking very well she still makes some crucial mistakes in her commentary!!

SO she was standing next to murphy and he was wagging his tail about something and we really didn't think much of it. Then Julia says what sounds like "Pee-nis". Brandon and I looked at each other to see if the other had heard it too. She said it 3 or 4 ore times until i said "Julia are you saying penis" which she responded with "yah". Then she says "fee-fee(what she calls murphy), my bum, fee-fee penis my bum." Brandon and I were somewhere between horrified and hysterical with laughter when we realized what she was talking about....Murphy's TAIL (wrong appendage there girl) had hit her butt when he was wagging it. So we did a qhick review of puppy anatomy and moved on, but it was pretty funny!!!