Friday, June 13, 2008

A Family full of graduates!

Well, our second graduate of the year is official! Aj graduated from preschool today. His stage fright made for a rough ceremony, but he was able to pull it together to get his present and then once the eyes were all off of him he was all set! WE are soooo proud of him and how much he has learned and grown while he has been in school. He knows all his letters, numbers, is writing ans reading and even was talking about patterns the other day! He is swimming so well too! Here are some pix from todays event. We missed Daddy ans were sad that he wasn't here, but Grampie took video of the whole ceremony! We can't wait to see you Daddy!!! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Bostonian Day!!

My Mom, Brother, and I took Aj and Richard into Boston today. We went to the top of the Prudential center tower to the "skywalk". The boys were all excited that they got to squish a penny and get a post card of the tower. I think their favorite thing that they found was Fenway park. AJ and I had just been there with Tyler and Brandon, so I think that really stood out to him! Then we went to lunch and then to the Public Gardens to ride the swan boats. We also walked over into Boston common to play on the playground but it was closed! The boys quickly recovered from the disappointment by chasing pigeons around the park! We had a little hike to get back to the train station but the boys were troopers (and the popsicles that we stopped for along the way DEFINATELY helped!!)

So when we got home we got to have a lobster dinner...well, My paensts, sister and I got to anyway. The kids had macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and Kevin had steak! (and they call themselves Bostonians..whatever!! :) The kids were actually really funny. They boys kept running in and out o f the kitchen asking to see the lobsters and then yelling comments like "gross", "nasty", "I'm NEVER eating that", or "That is DEEE-Sgusting". You can see the girls reaction to the weird little creatures that their mothers were eating. They did warm up to them a little and were playing with the emply tail shell later (it bends open and shut and they were singing "open shut them, open shut them " as they played with them!) None of the kids even took a taste of it! But let me tell you...we REALLY enjoyed them...YUUUUM, YUUUM!

So, it was a "wicked" good day. I feel like I have a little fill of bostonian living to last for a while until i can come back and get another fill! I can't believe how close i am to leaving. I am so sad to leave but so excited to start a new chapter in our lives and spend time with the Jenson Clan!!!