Saturday, June 20, 2009


ok, after i had already finished this post, i realized that most of these pix were already on here, but, oh well, i figure better some duplicates than nothing at all...and these are in fancy little collages too! :)

Amy has had a TON of hair since she was born. They had it all styled when they brought her to me, but it didn't take long to discover what it was really like...CRAZY!!!
I took these pix after a bath. At first, when it is wet, it looked like it might curl a little and stay down. But, NOPE!!! As it dries it starts to pop up until it is all sticking straight UP into the air! it is pretty funny, but I love it!! :)


Annie said...

Awesome!! I LOVE her hair! Now you have some place to put all those cute bows you make :) Congratulations. Your family is beautiful!

Michelle said...

She is so SO adorable! I just love her fuzzy top! :)