Friday, October 9, 2009

Our little Amy!!

I have been feeling so guilty because if the "third-child-syndrome" that my child has truly been cursed with! I haven't taken her baby book out if the plastic yet, i feel like i don't get enough pictures of her like i did with the other kids and i certainly have not sent enough pictures to family far away to see her grow!!! GUILT!!! so her i am FINALLY making a post and it HAD to be about her!

We really just love her to pieces. Although she has not been as well documented as i would like, she has had PLENTY of attention in other ways, usually in the form of being nearly smothered by siblings! :)

She is really a good baby but is the biggest mama's girl out of the 3 kids. But, she has been with me more than the other 2 were at this age, too. She loves to smile and her favorite things to smile at are AJ & Julia.
I have tried really hard to get a good picture of her ADORABLE smile, but i have really struggled to get one that is centered, she is looking and she isn't doing "big-eyes"...

She LOVES the bath and is usually smiling a lot. This one is pretty good too, but it is so funny how different she looks with her hair wet! Usually it isn't so drastic at this age but with that hair, it is!

Oct. 6th ..this one is pretty close, but not the whole effect.
Oct. 8th..this is what i usually get when i take a picture. Our camera is slow and it flashes first so by the time the picture is actually taken, she is making one of these faces...
although "big eyes" makes me smile every time, i really wanted her real smile!

So, i took her outside, laid her on the grass, and TA-DA!!!!
A cute smile,
And a giggly girl!!

So there she. We just love her and i will try to show her off on the blog more often! :)


Brandon Jenson said...

Hooray for cute smily pictures with no hands blocking that precious smile!!!

tracey said...

Such a cutie! She definitely belongs to you two!