Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Mascot Bowl-September 28th

We think we have found a new tradition!!! The mascot bowl was SO much fun. The kids had a blast and it was a GREAT family night!!! The mascot bowl is a charity football game where a bunch of different mascots form a team and play against the Lehi football team (I think they were middle-school kids...i forget! :)

They have a meet-the-mascots thing before the game when you can get autographs.
Here are the kids with "Holly" the Orem Owlz mascot. (minor league baseball)

The "pre-game show" included a guy parachuting in and landing on the field. The kids thought this was pretty impressive. It really is crazy how fast they are going when they come in to land!!!
This picture sums up the night...AJ watching the game, and Julia watching EVERYTHING ELSE! :) she is so easily distracted, but she had a blast!
Are we feeling the love?!?! AJ is such a good big brother. They were so cute watching the game and going together down in front of the bleachers to watch. They thought they were hot stuff going "alone"...(as if we couldn't see them the whole time :) !!!)
Barney turned out to not be a very talented football player! He was injured playing football and had to be taken out of the game!!!
Luckily, the injuries turned out not to be serious and he was able to rejoin the team on the sidelines. He wasn't looking so good though!!!
On our way out we were able to catch another picture with
"Big Blue" (from Utah State) and get a couple more autographs.
It was a great night!!! Can't wait till next year! :)


Michelle said...

Super fun!! And great pictures!