Tuesday, November 3, 2009


YAY for Halloween! We hadn't had a chance to decorated pumpkins and remembered that i had these stick-in thingies JUST IN TIME! So right before dinner we decorated our pumpkins. The one that i had gotten for Amy was not intended to be decorated, but it looked so naked. So, we made it work. I love AJ's face in the little picture. He was DETERMINED to get that ear into that pumpkin! They looked pretty cute on our steps. (And i love how you can see the scarecrow's shadow in the pic-so festive!)

So we had a quick dinner and headed out. I felt too un-festive so i threw on my back-up-plan baby costume quick and we headed out. We hit all the town homes and i figured since we still had time we should go hit some of the houses a couple of streets over. The kids were cracking me up because half-way down the street they were SO done!! We were headed home and we would walk past a house across the street. I would ask if they wanted to go there and they would just sigh and say "no!..too tired!" they slept good that night though! :)

Oh the memories. I remember LOVING this part as a kid... inventorying the LOOT!!! I showed them how we used to sort all our candy and trade what we didn't like. AJ was all over this, but Julia just dug in! Julia gave all her sweet tarts to AJ because they are "too spicy" and when I asked AJ if there was anything he didn't like, his response was "not really" (with a big grin).

Amy was AWESOME during this event! I has put her on the floor in her boppy while we were sorting candy. She started fussing and squirming around. Before i could get over to her, she had flipped herself over so she could pull herself over to the pile of candy and she was grabbing at it the best she could. She was SO proud of herself when she wrapped those little un-coordinated fingers around a twizzler. What a cutie!!! As long as we let her swat the candy around and occasionally get that wrapped twizzler back into her mouth, she was happy!

What a fun night, and the kids were only slightly bug-eyed and hyper when it was time for church the next day! :)